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What my readers say…


Great summary

This book is a good summary of IVF. From procedures, info resources, medical resources and recommended blogs. The author makes wonderful recommendations based on her research and experience in (almost) bullet point format. Easy read packed with information an IVF patients-to-be must know.

Helpful and easy read

This helps anyone who needs an inside look at fertility from an intervention stand point. Found it helpful when going through fertility issues myself.

A great IVF guide

I wish I would have had access to this resource before I decided to proceed with my IVF. I appreciate that this book not only has the practical information needed to make a decision, but it also has information from those that have already gone through the IVF process. I find it helpful to hear first hand what others have experienced versus only trusting what doctors and clinics tell you. Plus I love the mixture of facts, advice and other tips Bianca provided from fertility coaches, advocates, etc. There are so many things to consider when deciding on infertility treatment options. This IVF book provides so much valuable information in one place, so you can take your time and read what others have already researched for you. In the end it is such a personal decision and has to be right for you and your circumstance. But Bianca has taken the time to bring the overwhelming process into a condensed, concise resource.



If you are interested in surrogacy in Ukraine, then an excellent group to follow is IP Surrogate Support Ukraine for tons of info specifically related to surrogacy in Ukraine at various clinics with first hand reviews from people having been through or currently going through the process. The best source of information on this topic from real people.

As a follow up from the Ukraine group, is the Ukraine (Graduate) Miracle Babies group, which is for all those who have had their surrogate babies in Ukraine. Here we will not talk clinic, but all baby related and family stuff – positive, celebrating, supportive and friendship building.



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