Hi Friends!

Well, I don’t even know where to begin! One minute we were on the plane and the next minute it’s 10 days later! It feels absolutely amazing to be home! Let me attempt to fill you in on what we have all been up to since our touchdown in Tampa on the night of Thanksgiving 2017…

The boys were as good as gold on the flight and we heard many gasps from passengers as we disembarked. They had no idea there had been 2 babies on board for a 9 hour flight. This got more “oohs” and “aahs” and “wow, what good and adorable little babies“.

They held out through the long march from plane to passport control (we were waved through to the front – one of the many great advantages of having twins :))… they held out during the hour that daddy struggled to gather all 7 huge bags from the luggage belt… they held out while we waited almost another hour for someone to come and help daddy push one of the over sized trolleys while I pushed the stroller… and they held out until daddy left in an Uber to collect our car from his office 10 minutes away.

And then it began….endless screeches and oceans of tears as mommy stood by the pick-up area with all the luggage, rocking Alex in the stroller with one hand and bouncing Max in my free arm while Tampa airport’s passengers stared at us wide-eyed – some with sympathy and some with shock. Outwardly I was a proud mama, a picture of calm and control. Inside I felt like an awful mother for running out of formula on the plane – hence why I couldn’t feed them then and there. In my defense, this is because we thought that we would be buying on-the-go formula from Boots at Gatwick Airport to take with us, so we didn’t bother too much about getting extra before hand. But they didn’t have any formula for us to buy. What’s with you Boots at Gatwick?! This would be where parents travelling with infants would possibly need it the most.

Finally daddy arrived with the car and a fresh wave of tears and screams reigned down after being strapped into their new car seats. And these tears and screams lasted 45 minutes from Tampa to St Petersburg where we live. A quick stop at Walmart – daddy tried to soothe cranky, hungry, jet-lagged little munchkins while mommy raced into Walmart dodging the Black Friday queues (yes they start already on Thanksgiving night) in search of formula. I grabbed some ready-to-use off the shelves and hoped for the best (turned out our boys are not Enfamil fans). Finally daddy and mommy were feeding the little ravenous mini Vinnies in the Walmart car park while fending off drunk Thanksgiving well-wishers. And then we were on our way again with only little screams this time.

It felt amazing to finally walk into our own home, with our own things we are familiar with and love, and specifically my precious little fur babies who ran to me in excitement. My kitties have been awesome little baby sitters! They have been loving the boys, watching over them, coming up to them and kissing their little noses. It’s like the kitties have been waiting for these little miracles too! Just perfect! The boys are starting to notice the cats a little here and there and Alex nearly had Scruffy Cat’s tail as a teething chew. I’m guessing probably another week or so and they will begin to see the cats as little creatures to interact with.  

We dumped all our bags and while daddy made more bottles, mommy introduced Max & Alex to their new Finding Nemo/Lion King room. From the shining eyes and squeals of delight, the room seemed to be a hit. Besides running out of formula; hours of screaming; having no bottle-maker (we left our Tommee Tippee one in England for return visits); not having an electric kettle (it’s odd that no one in America seems to have one of these, including us!); our microwave breaking down within the first 5 minutes of being home which meant we were unable to boil water or sterilize bottles; burning water on the stove top (yes I know it’s unbelievable, but it happened) and not having space for everything the twins have accumulated over the last 4 months – we were overjoyed, ecstatic, blessed and grateful to be back in our home as a family!

So what’s been happening with the boys since being back?

Right now, we are all just kicking back and enjoying being home as a family in our slice of paradise! Have a look at my video of the boys just being happy little babies 🙂

For a collection of random photos of the boys enjoying their time here in Florida, click on this YouTube link 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Speak soon,

B, V, M & A