Hey Friends!

Loads of you have been asking how much longer we will be in Kiev, when we will be home and when they can meet our precious boys! So, here is just a very quick update on how that is going…

We have now been in Kiev for 16 weeks, our boys are 14 weeks old and Monday will be 8 weeks since our boys’ initial passport application (unfortunately due to delays on the part of our agency with obtaining the birth certificates, translations and apostilles, a good 6 weeks have been wasted). The good news is that Vinny attended our final passport application yesterday and we could be leaving here one of these days – finally!

The interview was conducted in a small room with a computer screen and ear phones and Vinny spoke to a lovely lady who sat in a passport office in Sheffield. It was casual and the purpose of the interview was to establish identity and ensure that the boys were really born through legitimate surrogacy and not obtained somehow through the black market. He was asked to confirm various basic facts about himself present and past, including addresses and work, facts about me such as my maiden name and my work, a few facts about the boys and our surrogate. The interview took half an hour and all in all, I understand that it went very well.

The next step is for the interviewer to draw up a report and send it to Belfast where the passports get processed. She could not give Vinny any idea of when we would receive them but did admit that it was a quiet period at the moment so with luck, things could happen a lot of faster than originally thought – we hope!

All fingers and toes crossed for us everyone!

Friends in America, don’t get too excited yet though because when we leave Kiev, we still need to travel to the UK to get American visas for the boys which could add on another week or so but we have a good feeling – just a feeling – but we could be home in Florida before Thanksgiving! Who’s inviting us over for the cutest twin boys to experience their first Thanksgiving?! They will pay you with loads of squishy cuddles! 🙂

Lots of love,
B xxx

Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Maximus & Alexei!