IVF Related

Music Therapy – Afia Walking Tree – Mama Souljourn

Intro to Essential Oils

Get started with Crystals – Red Jasper

Chakras for Beginners – The Root (Base) Chakra

My IVF Book is out on AUDIO!

Change your Mindset to Achieve Fertility Success by Fertility Coach, Rosanne Austin

8 Ways to Re-connect with Yourself During Your Fertility Journey, by my guest, Karen Humphries

No One Teaches You How to Fall, by my guest, Fertility Mentor, Katie Ryan

How Heavy Metals are Sabotaging your Fertility by my guest, Natural Fertility Expert, Gabriela Rosa

Happy Thank you for not being a Schmuck Day…guest post by Lori Shandle-Fox

Own Your Story & It Will Serve You, by guest blogger, Stephanie Roth from Your Fertile Self

It’s (US) National Infertility Week & Our 8th IVF Fail

A chat with a real life angel, hero, inspiration, fertile food extraordinaire and wonderful friend on this fertility journey…Rachel Campbell

Make the most of your life while trying to conceive  (a link to a guest segment I did for Kate Davies’ group)

Top 5 Recommendations for de-stressing, by Fertility Coach, Nicola Salmon

Let’s Talk Sperm, with Lynn Collins

Tap yourself fertile fit with EFT/tapping expert, Sarah Holland

A chat with the very funny author of Laughing IS Conceivable … Lori Shandle-Fox

Project You…by Fertility Specialist, Kate Davies (tips for preparing your body for pregnancy)

Empower Yourself these Holidays with the Power of Your Mind (as it says on the tin)

Are you a WARRIOR woman or a worrier woman? (A chat with Monica Bivas from The IVF Journey)

Which thankfulness challenge will you take on? (Gratitude = Happiness)

What’s your journey? (Controlling your situation not letting your situation control you)

Life is Good (now) (infertility does NOT mean my life is over)

What I learned last week (falling down and getting up – link to my interview on Sprout & Co)

IVF is a possessive lover (taking control of my life back from the devil that is infertility)

Oh Barcelona (our 2nd trip to Barcelona for hysteroscopy & ERA biopsy)

This week’s focus: Detox Body & Mind & have Fun! (more on detoxing my mutated MTHFR gene)

Cheese with that whine? (why I fired IVI Barcelona and various test results incl my mutated MTHFR gene)

Viva Espana (our first consultation at IVI Barcelona)

I’ll get by with  little help from my friends (includes a feel good playlist)

Don’t let those hormones beat you (you are in control – take that control back)

Keeping the dream alive (Don’t give up)

Will seven be our number? (how lucky is the number 7 – our 7th transfer?)

Be like the lotus flower (strive to rise above this hardship)

Don’t fight just dance (music can do some healing)

It’s ok to be indulgent: just know when to stop (take time out to heal and then get back on the horse)

Meant to be or not meant to be – no such thing  (another failed IVF cycle)

Procrastination, stuck in a rut and idle hands making devil’s work (the challenges of fertility treatments)

Walking on Sunshine (or not – blah)

Hello and welcome to Where’s my Stork (the beginning of the story)

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