Hi Friends!

In between diapers, playing, teaching, washing, sterilizing and making bottles, feeding, laundry….and…you get the picture x2, I have been planning and drafting an awesome blog post to go with the start of another exciting year and somehow it just felt bleh. So I’ve decided to scrap all the literary prose, mind blowing epiphanies and philosophical guidance that I originally planned to write. Instead I’m just going to have a chat with you as I reflect on the spectacular transformations that have occurred in my life over the last few years!

As most of you know, our IVF treatments began in July 2013 (have a look at my journey timeline here for full details) and since then it was baby disappointment after baby disappointment – with some added hormones, steroids, operations, intrallipids, fertility diets, acupuncture, reiki, endo scratch, embryo glue, and…and….and…). April 2016 was my 8th IVF failure and this is where I will pick up the reflection (Our 8th IVF Fail).

April 2016: In spite of our 8th failed round of IVF, the hubby and I fulfilled our 3-year-old dream of migrating to Florida. Although currently we are only on temporary visas, we made it here to enjoy the gorgeous sun, hot weather (well except today as I write, we have been hit with a cold spell of -1C – apparently the coldest morning here in 7 years!), the healing Gulf of Mexico, breathtaking wild life, delicious variety of food and the friendliest of people! We have had an absolute blast so far and will continue to!

May and June 2016: I ran amok. I spent every day at the beach bars not remembering how I got home. Why? I was in mourning. It was my last IVF attempt and living forever childless was a devastating thought for me that I struggled to deal with. So I partied away the heartache until I was sick of partying and physically sick. Finally, I wiped away the salt on my lips from my margaritas and shook the fog from my battered brain and then re-evaluated our situation – this time from a more sensible point of view rather than a crazy, emotional one. I needed to go through 5 stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance in whichever way presented itself at the time.

July 2016: We decided that being parents and having children to love and guide is what would enrich our lives regardless of whether they were genetically related or whether I carried them. Now, with the acceptance that the universe had her own plans for how she was going to bring our children to us, we opened ourselves up to the idea of surrogacy (There will be a bun in the oven…just not this oven). We let go of our original plans and decided to trust in the new opportunities that the universe would provide for us.  As soon as we did this, everything worked together to fulfill our biggest dreams and more so!

October 2016:  We met with our agency and clinic and Vinny gave his deposit (Ukraine Adventures)

November 2016:  Our surrogate was pregnant! (2367 A magical number)

December 2016:  We found out that we were doubly blessed! (2 mini-Vinnies)

Also in December my best selling IVF Guide that I self-published on Amazon was made available in print as well as eBook

January to July 2017: Our boys kept growing stronger and healthier!

13 weeks

18 weeks and Vinny and I got the purple baby in our King’s Cake during Madi Gras in February 2017 – Good luck for a year and beyond! Click on the link to read more about that 🙂

Also in May 2017 my IVF Guide was made into Audio as well as eBook and print!

20 July 2017 was of course the day our beautiful miracles were born! Big, fat and healthy boys! Watch our You Tube Video Our Twins at 2 hours old

And every day since they were born has been an incredible adventure! We love them more and more! They make us laugh and brighten every moment of the day. On Saturday they will already be 6 months old, and already life has been more blessed with these two than we could ever have imagined! I am just so excited to for another spectacular year. Just shows you…from opening your mind and your heart to the endless possibilities that the universe can provide, you can get into the flow of your life and the ever-increasing potential for blessings.

So how about approaching 2018 with the words of one of the greatest spiritual masters and poets, Rumi, in mind?

“Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour”


*Watch out for my new book coming out soon!

**Check out our family videos on You Tube

This Smith Family’s Amazing 2017 in Review

Christmas fun with 5 month old twins

Our Twin’s first outing

Our Twins at 28 hours old


I wish for you an amazing 2018!

Lots of love,


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