Hi Friends!

Continuing with my month and more of great guest speakers, this week features the lovely Nicola Salmon. In her own words, Nicola is “a gentle warrior for fertility freedom and a proud, fat feminist”.

Also, she supports women to reclaim their health and fertility, regardless of age, size, sexuality or ability, using natural medicine, support and virtual hugs. Nicola believes that every woman should have access to fertility support, no matter where her journey has led her in the past. It is her life mission is to change the way that women are supported when they are creating their families. She wants to give every woman the opportunity to embrace their bodies and fertility, messily and without judgement.

Here she is to tell us about the fertility benefits of journaling…


It’s easy to be sucked into the next shiny object. The next thing to try that is REALLY going to make a difference to you getting pregnant. It might be a new supplement, a new treatment or more information you’ve googled.

They always promise big things.

This is going to be the ONE thing that helps you get pregnant, but often they don’t deliver. You worry that maybe you didn’t do it right or maybe you it was the wrong month or you were too stressed at work.

But I want to tell you something. It’s not you.

It’s not your fault that these things aren’t working. We are all different. We live in different places, eat different things and have different lifestyles. All these differences mean different things are going to help us get healthier, happier and more fertile.

So how do you figure out what those things are?


Grab a piece of paper and a pen and I’ll tell you.

It starts with you.

Write down what you’ve eaten and drunk so far today, no calorie counting or worrying about “good” foods and “bad” foods, just information about what has gone in.

Write down how you slept last night. When did you get to sleep? How did you feel when you woke up? How much did you get? What is good quality?

Write down how much movement you’ve done today. It doesn’t have to be going to the gym or doing a class. How much have you moved from your desk? Do you do much walking as part of your commute?

How is your energy and mood? How do you feel in your body? Does it change over the day? Any other aches, pains or niggles?

This is you. All this information tells you how you are reacting to the world around you and when you start to pay attention, you will naturally begin to see how you can make small tweaks that will have a big impact in your life.

Here are some ideas

  • Maybe you notice when you’re having caffeine or sugar late in the day, it affects your sleep
  • Maybe when you don’t get to bed til 1am you notice your mood is crappy all day
  • Maybe when you take the time in the morning to eat a satisfying breakfast, you don’t want to snack during the day

All this information allows you to make healthier choices around how you live on a day to day basis and these small changes have a huge impact on your wellbeing and will boost your chances of getting pregnant naturally. They will also allow you to live your best life now, even if you aren’t pregnant yet, instead of waiting to get pregnant before your life can start.

If you want a quick guide to get started with fertility journaling, you can download my free 7 day nurture fertility journal here.

Nicola Salmon is a Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist and can be found at Hedgehog Healing www.hegdehoghealing.com