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How Journaling Can Change Your Fertility by Guest Blogger, Nicola SalmonFeatured

Hi Friends!

Continuing with my month and more of great guest speakers, this week features the lovely Nicola Salmon. In her own words, Nicola is “a gentle warrior for fertility freedom and a proud, fat feminist”.

Also, she supports women to reclaim their health and fertility, regardless of age, size, sexuality or ability, using natural medicine, support and virtual hugs. Continue reading

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What Does Self-Love Mean To You? Take The Challenge! by my Guest Blogger, Stephanie RothFeatured

Hi Friends!

Hope you’re all having a good Feb so far. This week I have another fabulous guest blogger, my friend and fellow Fertility Mentor, Stephanie Roth. Stephanie can be found on her website, Your Fertile Self, or over in her private fertility Facebook group where you can discover the path to your fertile self. Alternatively she writes a blog B Fit, B Fertile for Conceive Fertility Hospital. She has an exciting personal challenge coming up in a few days and here she is to tell you more in an open, honest, raw and self-reflecting manner woman to woman….Continue reading

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Music Therapy – Afia Walking Tree – Mama Souljourn

Afia Walking Tree is one for the feminine soul.

Raw, powerful and back to the roots of mother earth.

It is drumming therapy at its best.


What is Drumming Therapy?

In a nutshell, we are made up of energy fields which are in and all around us. These energy fields vibrate on varying frequencies. High frequencies create a natural state of bliss, and we should ideally be engaged in activities that constantly keep our vibrations high. If you vibrate at a high frequency in one area, then you create a positive charge, that will effect other areas – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.Continue reading

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Intro to Essential Oils


With so much hype surrounding essential oils and practically every retailer selling bottles of the sweet smelling nectar, where do we start? Which oils do we start with? Which oils can be consumed and which would be toxic, and for whom?

It is a subject that is gaining in popularity everywhere we turn, and for good reason. These plant extracts have been used by cultures for over 5000 years to heal all parts of not only the human body as a whole, but our animal friends too.

So what are they?

Essential oils are oil extracts from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of plants. They contain potent aromatic compounds ‘essential’ oil contains the ‘essence’ of a plant’s fragrance, as well as complete holistic properties to treat an almost unlimited array of ailments. They are so highly concentrated that just one drop can have powerful healing effects on body, mind, emotions and spirit. The oils are composed of molecules so tiny that they can penetrate your skin and sometimes your blood – which is the reason why pregnant women are advised against handling essential oils.

Brief History of Essential Oils

Continue reading

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Get started with Crystals -Red Jasper

What are crystals?

Scientifically, crystals are solids whose atoms are organised in highly ordered repeating patterns. The atomic structure of the object is what determines whether it is a crystal. Most crystals have natural origins. They can form through inorganic means, such as geological processes within the earth, or organic means within living creatures.

The repeated chemical structure of crystals mean that they hold memory and energy.

Holistically, crystals are tools that hold and transmit energies in order to assist healing, focus, balance and transformation. Every crystal has its own energy, healing properties and vibrations. They work well in conjunction with essential oils and meditation.

Each time we will look at a different crystal and discover its many benefits.

We will start with Red Jasper, which is associated with our

Root (base or first) Chakra.

Continue reading

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Chakras for Beginners – the Root Chakra

The chakras are our energy points within our bodies. The word chakra comes from the sanskrit and means wheel. In Hindi it is directly translated as wheel of spinning energy. These energy points vibrate at their own frequencies and are responsible for different sections of the body and it’s well-being and good functioning. As part of the wheel of life, chakras are also closely associated with the elements and your own feelings and thoughts.

There are 7 main chakras in the body, which need to be balanced and flow together for optimum performance. We do this through a number of ways, including meditation, sound therapy, crystals, essential oils, movement, connecting to the elements and various other ways that raise the frequency in which we operate from. Chakras can be unhealthy in that they are overactive or that they are underactive.

We will investigate these 7 chakras one by one over time and how we can balance them, beginning today with the first chakra, which is called the Root or Base Chakra.

The Root or Base Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit)

Continue reading

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An Holistic Workout for Body, Mind, Spirit & Heart

 Hey Friends!

If you follow me and my blog, then you will know that I am all about the full body-mind-experience, to help us heal, to help us deal with the evil infertility beast and also to help us prepare for our coming babies, whether we are using own eggs, donor eggs, surrogacy or adoption. Regardless, we can all use strengthening up and nurturing in these areas. So I discovered the wonders of KAI.

What is KAI  you ask?

Continue reading

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Change your Mindset to Achieve Fertility Success, by Fertility Coach, Rosanne Austin


Hi Friends!

I am so excited that one of the MOST AMAZING souls I have had the pleasure to know and to work with, has honoured me by being my guest blogger today :).

The one and only, beautiful Rosanne Austin came into my life at a time when I needed saving from the gremlins in my head telling me that my life was not worth much if I couldn’t fall pregnant and be a mother.  Rosanne helped me to embrace the hero within myself and operate from a place of empowerment, writing my own happy story, instead of being a victim oppressed by infertility.

Due to Rosanne’s non-judgemental, loving and gentle encouragement, I was able to equip myself with tools that I can use any day, any time for any challenging situation and rise from worrisome victim to WARRIOR Mother-to-be. I truly believe that my miracles began and the universe opened up it’s blessings to me as soon as I began to open up to the many possibilities that my life could be through Rosanne’s help and direction!

And I am particularly jumping up and down with excitement because this lovely lady walked her own talk all the way from Maybe to DEFINITE Baby, coming soon 😉 Continue reading

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7 day Free Online Event with World Wide Fertility Experts

Hi Friends!

Join me May, 8 to May, 14 2017 during this First IVF Summit Series: Integrative Fertility Summit, Creating Balance For Successful Conception, where I will be interviewed by my Colleague, IVF and Fertility Coach Monica Bivas  along with other 20 worldwide experts who will share  with you their wisdom, knowledge and strategies that will help you to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally to walk the path of becoming a mother in a much peaceful and tranquil pace, so you will be ready to receive that baby you always desired.

Continue reading

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