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How Journaling Can Change Your Fertility by Guest Blogger, Nicola SalmonFeatured

Hi Friends!

Continuing with my month and more of great guest speakers, this week features the lovely Nicola Salmon. In her own words, Nicola is “a gentle warrior for fertility freedom and a proud, fat feminist”.

Also, she supports women to reclaim their health and fertility, regardless of age, size, sexuality or ability, using natural medicine, support and virtual hugs. Continue reading

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What Does Self-Love Mean To You? Take The Challenge! by my Guest Blogger, Stephanie RothFeatured

Hi Friends!

Hope you’re all having a good Feb so far. This week I have another fabulous guest blogger, my friend and fellow Fertility Mentor, Stephanie Roth. Stephanie can be found on her website, Your Fertile Self, or over in her private fertility Facebook group where you can discover the path to your fertile self. Alternatively she writes a blog B Fit, B Fertile for Conceive Fertility Hospital. She has an exciting personal challenge coming up in a few days and here she is to tell you more in an open, honest, raw and self-reflecting manner woman to woman….Continue reading

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Surrogacy: The Pearl in My Oyster? by my guest Sarah-Jayne DuryeaFeatured

Hi Friends!

This week I have another fabulous guest. I absolutely love her style of writing and I’m sure there’s something in here that you can relate to! Here’s SJ… 


Behold the humble question mark. It looks suspiciously like a lightbulb that some tired graphic designer hasn’t yet finished. Incomplete, just like me. I’ve spent years working in private practice as a Psychologist, gladly helping people to solve their problems and to reach the holy grail of happiness. The unwritten rules about being a therapist are as follows.   Have an answer for everything (not everything actually has an answer – go figure) and never focus on yourself. Well, by the time I actually got round to me, it was much, much too late. I’ve spent years talking about gratitude and how to capture the happiness butterfly. Lecturing on the finer details of how going the distance is your best friend and that anything is possible if you just keep trying.

But guess what? It turns out that my life isn’t perfect, in fact, the thing I want most in the world I can’t have. At 41 years of age, I am a card carrying reproductively challenged individual or to put it another way, my bits don’t work properly. There: I’ve said it. Did the sky fall in? Nah.Continue reading

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Guest Blog by Tiffany Jo Baker – He said, she said. 2 Versions of the Same Fertility Journey & How to Deal!Featured

Hi Friends!

It is my great pleasure to feature a wonderful writer, couples life & fertility couch and surrogate – not once, not twice but three times a surrogate! What a beautiful soul! I’m sure you will enjoy her message as much as I have. Here’s Tiffany…

Without a doubt, most people marry someone who is the polar opposite of them in many ways and areas. I have worked with a lot of couples and time after time, conflict arises from those differences.  What is almost humorous about this is that often times it was those “differences” that first attracted us to them.Continue reading

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It’s the start of another Amazing Year!

Hi Friends!

In between diapers, playing, teaching, washing, sterilizing and making bottles, feeding, laundry….and…you get the picture x2, I have been planning and drafting an awesome blog post to go with the start of another exciting year and somehow it just felt bleh. So I’ve decided to scrap all the literary prose, mind blowing epiphanies and philosophical guidance that I originally planned to write. Instead I’m just going to have a chat with you as I reflect on the spectacular transformations that have occurred in my life over the last few years!Continue reading

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An honest chat with USA Surrogate, Cheryl Ketron (Part 1)

Hi Friends!

If you’ve been curious to know what goes on in surrogacy from the SURROGATE’S point of view, then click on my new (very amateur) You Tube video, which is an interview with the gorgeous and very pregnant, Cheryl Ketron.

This is my first interview I have done on camera and I know there are a lot of hiccups for me to work on, but these things come with practice, don’t they?! I am extremely camera shy and so I noticed afterwards that I pull funny faces, wave my arms about, forget my English grammar and seem to be married to the word “fantastic”. I will work to improve these next time 🙂

Cheryl herself was simply perfect though!

This is part 1 and I hope to bring you part 2 with additional questions soon. If there is anything you are screaming to know, then please leave a comment or email me :).

Lots of love,



Have you explored my IVF guide book?


    It is available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback and Audio! Click here for my book on your country’s Amazon page


A compilation of beneficial information on trying to conceive with fertility treatments, specifically invitro fertilisation and will guide you step-by-step on a journey through:

The things to consider and the tests to do before deciding that you need fertility treatments,

What you could expect at your initial fertility consultation,

Tips on how to choose the clinic that’s right for you,

The stages of a standard IVF, frozen and natural cycle,

Suggested activities during your 2-week-wait,

Additional genetic tests to consider after repeated implantation failures or miscarriages,

Finding an IVF support group where you will feel comfortable as well as explanations of the many abbreviations used within them,

Notes on alternative treatments to support IVF, such as acupuncture and fertility massage,

Advice on how to keep it together when the hormonal medication is trying to drag you down,

Fertility friendly recipes and a collection of 125 valuable tips on everything from administering shots, to maintaining your relationship, nutrition and much more – both lovingly put together by another IVF veteran, Rachel Campbell of Sprout & Co. And much more!

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Music Therapy – Afia Walking Tree – Mama Souljourn

Afia Walking Tree is one for the feminine soul.

Raw, powerful and back to the roots of mother earth.

It is drumming therapy at its best.


What is Drumming Therapy?

In a nutshell, we are made up of energy fields which are in and all around us. These energy fields vibrate on varying frequencies. High frequencies create a natural state of bliss, and we should ideally be engaged in activities that constantly keep our vibrations high. If you vibrate at a high frequency in one area, then you create a positive charge, that will effect other areas – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.Continue reading

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Get started with Crystals -Red Jasper

What are crystals?

Scientifically, crystals are solids whose atoms are organised in highly ordered repeating patterns. The atomic structure of the object is what determines whether it is a crystal. Most crystals have natural origins. They can form through inorganic means, such as geological processes within the earth, or organic means within living creatures.

The repeated chemical structure of crystals mean that they hold memory and energy.

Holistically, crystals are tools that hold and transmit energies in order to assist healing, focus, balance and transformation. Every crystal has its own energy, healing properties and vibrations. They work well in conjunction with essential oils and meditation.

Each time we will look at a different crystal and discover its many benefits.

We will start with Red Jasper, which is associated with our

Root (base or first) Chakra.

Continue reading

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Chakras for Beginners – the Root Chakra

The chakras are our energy points within our bodies. The word chakra comes from the sanskrit and means wheel. In Hindi it is directly translated as wheel of spinning energy. These energy points vibrate at their own frequencies and are responsible for different sections of the body and it’s well-being and good functioning. As part of the wheel of life, chakras are also closely associated with the elements and your own feelings and thoughts.

There are 7 main chakras in the body, which need to be balanced and flow together for optimum performance. We do this through a number of ways, including meditation, sound therapy, crystals, essential oils, movement, connecting to the elements and various other ways that raise the frequency in which we operate from. Chakras can be unhealthy in that they are overactive or that they are underactive.

We will investigate these 7 chakras one by one over time and how we can balance them, beginning today with the first chakra, which is called the Root or Base Chakra.

The Root or Base Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit)

Continue reading

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What’s that Sound? It’s my IVF Book out on AUDIO today!


Hey Friends!

I’m so excited to announce that my best selling IVF book, IVF A Detailed Guide – is out on AUDIO today! Available through Audible, Amazon & iTunes! My Narrator and Producer, Kiran Rathod did an amazing job of bringing this project alive and I am extremely happy and grateful!Continue reading

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