Hey Friends!

While everyone is waiting for news on our passports and subsequent departure from Kiev, here’s a little sneak preview of our oh so cute Christmas photos!

On Thursday, we went to Goroshynka Studio for a morning of fun for the whole family! Living outside of the city centre, where the roads are virtually impossible to navigate with one baby stroller let alone a double stroller, we are very much confined to our apartment and unless one of the lovely ladies or couples from my Ukraine surrogacy community pop in to visit, we don’t get to see any people and are in danger of going completely crazy with cabin fever! It’s extremely lonely and boring for all of us, even for the babies! We are on the edge of craziness from people and outing deprivation in our weird little world, shut off from life in general, so any little outing is a great adventure for us!

 But this was not just a little outing. This outing was make-up, dress up and a lot of laughs with a gorgeous collection of keepsake photos created by the most talented Vita Sovetova of Sovetoff.photo. Vita is an amazing person, the babies absolutely love her and she is an awesome photographer. For those who are coming to Kiev for your surrogacy babies, I highly recommend booking her services for your newborn photo shoot. Newborn photo shoots are usually done within the first two weeks of birth, so if if you are staying longer than that with your babes, then you will miss out on a newborn photo collection if you wait until you leave Kiev – and what a wonderful keepsake to have. But please make sure you book her in advance as she gets really busy!

The day started very wet, cold, windy – and late! The Uber got rather lost on his way to pick us up (a common occurrence), so the lovely make-up artist had to work at extra speed to create something decent out of my drowned rat look! Goroshynka studio is one of the largest and impressive in Kiev and it was busy. The boys were so excited to meet new people and they screeched in delight and were full of smiles for everyone. Max enjoyed being the centre of attention as he practiced his tummy time on the studio bed posing like a super star for the camera. Both boys did great and were so good through the costume changes and all the maneuvering of their little bodies this way and that until they both fell asleep in our arms exhausted!

As it’s not even December yet, we don’t want to share all the pics from the shoot, but here’s a few to make you smile and ‘ahhhhhhh’.

More of the photos will be revealed in December! 🙂

Speak soon!

B xxx

p.s. keep crossing fingers and toes that we will get our passports any day now!!