Our Kiev-born Twins are finally home in Florida at 4.5 months old

Hi Friends! Well, I don’t even know where to begin! One minute we were on the plane and the...

Our Twin Boys' First UK Experience

Hi Friends! It’s been quite a busy time since receiving the boys’ passports in Kiev! They have been inundated...

Our Surrogate Twin Boys Leave Kiev to Live it up in the UK

Hi Friends! Yes, you read the title correctly…the boys finally became British citizens and after 4 months in Kiev,...

A Kiev Christmas in November - The Twins' Second Photo Shoot

Hey Friends! While everyone is waiting for news on our passports and subsequent departure from Kiev, here’s a little...

Our Final UK Passport Interview in Kiev is Done

Hey Friends! Loads of you have been asking how much longer we will be in Kiev, when we will...
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Our Kiev-born Twins are finally home in Florida at 4.5 months old
Blog, Home, Surrogacy
Our Twin Boys' First UK Experience
Blog, Home, Information, Surrogacy
Our Surrogate Twin Boys Leave Kiev to Live it up in the UK
Blog, Home, Information, Surrogacy
A Kiev Christmas in November - The Twins' Second Photo Shoot
Blog, Home, Information, Surrogacy
Our Final UK Passport Interview in Kiev is Done
Blog, Home, Parenting, Surrogacy

Our Kiev-born Twins are finally home in Florida at 4.5 months oldFeatured

Hi Friends!

Well, I don’t even know where to begin! One minute we were on the plane and the next minute it’s 10 days later! It feels absolutely amazing to be home! Let me attempt to fill you in on what we have all been up to since our touchdown in Tampa on the night of Thanksgiving 2017…

The boys were as good as gold on the flight and we heard many gasps from passengers as we disembarked. They had no idea there had been 2 babies on board for a 9 hour flight. This got more “oohs” and “aahs” and “wow, what good and adorable little babies“.

They held out through the long march from plane to passport control (we were waved through to the front – one of the many great advantages of having twins :))… they held out during the hour that daddy struggled to gather all 7 huge bags from the luggage belt… they held out while we waited almost another hour for someone to come and help daddy push one of the over sized trolleys while I pushed the stroller… and they held out until daddy left in an Uber to collect our car from his office 10 minutes away.

And then it began….endless screeches and oceans of tears as mommy stood by the pick-up area with all the luggage, rocking Alex in the stroller with one hand and bouncing Max in my free arm while Tampa airport’s passengers stared at us wide-eyed – some with sympathy and some with shock. Outwardly I was a proud mama, a picture of calm and control. Inside I felt like an awful mother for running out of formula on the plane – hence why I couldn’t feed them then and there. In my defense, this is because we thought that we would be buying on-the-go formula from Boots at Gatwick Airport to take with us, so we didn’t bother too much about getting extra before hand. But they didn’t have any formula for us to buy. What’s with you Boots at Gatwick?! This would be where parents travelling with infants would possibly need it the most.

Finally daddy arrived with the car and a fresh wave of tears and screams reigned down after being strapped into their new car seats. And these tears and screams lasted 45 minutes from Tampa to St Petersburg where we live. A quick stop at Walmart – daddy tried to soothe cranky, hungry, jet-lagged little munchkins while mommy raced into Walmart dodging the Black Friday queues (yes they start already on Thanksgiving night) in search of formula. I grabbed some ready-to-use off the shelves and hoped for the best (turned out our boys are not Enfamil fans). Finally daddy and mommy were feeding the little ravenous mini Vinnies in the Walmart car park while fending off drunk Thanksgiving well-wishers. And then we were on our way again with only little screams this time.

It felt amazing to finally walk into our own home, with our own things we are familiar with and love, and specifically my precious little fur babies who ran to me in excitement. My kitties have been awesome little baby sitters! They have been loving the boys, watching over them, coming up to them and kissing their little noses. It’s like the kitties have been waiting for these little miracles too! Just perfect! The boys are starting to notice the cats a little here and there and Alex nearly had Scruffy Cat’s tail as a teething chew. I’m guessing probably another week or so and they will begin to see the cats as little creatures to interact with.  

We dumped all our bags and while daddy made more bottles, mommy introduced Max & Alex to their new Finding Nemo/Lion King room. From the shining eyes and squeals of delight, the room seemed to be a hit. Besides running out of formula; hours of screaming; having no bottle-maker (we left our Tommee Tippee one in England for return visits); not having an electric kettle (it’s odd that no one in America seems to have one of these, including us!); our microwave breaking down within the first 5 minutes of being home which meant we were unable to boil water or sterilize bottles; burning water on the stove top (yes I know it’s unbelievable, but it happened) and not having space for everything the twins have accumulated over the last 4 months – we were overjoyed, ecstatic, blessed and grateful to be back in our home as a family!

So what’s been happening with the boys since being back?

Right now, we are all just kicking back and enjoying being home as a family in our slice of paradise! Have a look at my video of the boys just being happy little babies 🙂

For a collection of random photos of the boys enjoying their time here in Florida, click on this YouTube link 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Speak soon,

B, V, M & A 


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Our Twin Boys’ First UK ExperienceFeatured

Hi Friends!

It’s been quite a busy time since receiving the boys’ passports in Kiev! They have been inundated with new people, sights, sounds, smells, formula, time zones and experiences in the UK and USA. Yes!!! We are back at home in Florida and feeling AMAZING! The boys have handled everything like the little rock stars they are!

Here’s a summary of our time in the UK:

We arrived on the Saturday morning at Gatwick in London and checked into the airport hotel for the night. While babies hydrated with milk bottles, mama hydrated with a giant G&T & daddy ran around delivering the boys’ American visa application to the couriers.

After a hearty English breakfast we drove 4 hours to Vinny’s parents in the north of England. It was the first time that the boys had been in a car seat as Ukraine is not big on health & safety and our agency would not offer us any cars that would fit a car seat. The boys were not fans of the seats and a lot of crying and protesting went on in between feeding and naps. As soon as we hit Vinny’s home town of Yarm, the craziness began – daily a new group of grandma’s friends would stop by to check out the little Vinnies and shower them with a ton of presents and “oohs” and “Aahs”. We just managed to fit in a visit with family and a few of our friends too. The boys were a mix of emotions – excitement and adventure on the one hand and exhaustion and overloading of the brain synapses on the other!

They were continuously cuddled, talked to, played with, taken out and introduced to new things, such as dogs, which they chose to ignore and the baby bouncer (the ones that attach to the door frame) – this was probably the highlight of Max’s day! One of our many highlights, was meeting our friends’ girl twins. It was so much fun watching the four them! Alexei was a real ladies man while Max was whiny because he wasn’t getting all of the attention. Max is definitely an attention hog. Just like my Scruffy Cat, I’m sure he wishes that he was an only child most of the time. But, there were times when him and his brother would suddenly notice each other’s existence and then the screams of delight and the enormous smiles were to die for! They would look at each other with such amazement and wonder shutting out the rest of the world. Melts my heart!

I simply loved whizzing around in my iCandy stroller! What a huge difference between the gigantic ship we had in Kiev (that stroller was seriously longer than a Smart car!), which I couldn’t control at all, to this dainty little iCandy Apple 2 Pear stroller that is brilliant for twins! check out my little swirl with iCandy here.

At grandma’s house, Max discovered his love for a xylophone. We already know that Max loves music (played loud even), being sung to by daddy, being danced around by mommy or throwing his hands about to silly nursery rhymes, but his pure joy at seeing and hearing the musical notes of the xylophone put him in a whole different musical category. I’m so excited to see where this will lead.

Also while in the UK, the boys practiced their movements…these would be trying to do some sort of crawling (Alex stretches his arms out like he is swimming and Max lifts his little bottom but doesn’t go anywhere yet), sitting up (this is quite funny to see as Max looks like he is doing his daily gym exercises), constant attempts at rolling from back to belly – which eventually paid off for Max as he rolled twice on the last night in the UK – grabbing at various toys and the all important eye-movements…never taking their sights off their bottle of milk!

Other highlights (for dad), was a visit to Saltburn sea. This was not fun for mom as that coast does not have sparkling blue water, sandy beaches or any sort of warm weather. It was brown water, muddy beaches and icy cold winds. Mommy was not impressed, daddy was proud of his heritage and the boys slept through it. 

The boys also attended their first winter wonderland Christmas display. We were enchanted and overjoyed to finally have kids to take to these Christmassy events (as everyone who has ever suffered infertility will tell you – Christmas is a hated forced event that is filled with hordes of giggling children and broadly smiling parents that are extra reminders of your failure to produce any of these bubbling beauties). But this year is different. This year I was the giggling kid bursting with pride as I waltz around from display to display carrying one of my boys. They seemed mildly entertained. 

What the boys seemed to love more than the dazzling ‘snow’ and sparkling lights, were big hotel beds (as can be seen by the title picture).

And then 12 days later we were lugging all our oversized bags from the airport hotel to check-in, all the way fending off hordes of fascinated ladies who wanted to look at, touch and find out more about our twins! I felt like I should be doing a singing and dancing show, and well I practically did with my amazing stroller, making this whole business of twinning look easy while dad set about seeing to everything else.

The flight was the emptiest we had been on as everyone else was guzzling down their turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, so with an empty seat between us, no one behind us for the next 15 rows, our babies in bassinets in the bulkhead, we stretched out our legs smugly like we had just won the lottery and dreamed of our homecoming in Tampa! 

And that’s for the next blog post.

For a collection of photos from Max & Alex’s UK adventures, here’s a link to my you tube video.

Lots of love,

B, V, A & M xxx




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Our Surrogate Twin Boys Leave Kiev to Live it up in the UKFeatured

Hi Friends!

Yes, you read the title correctly…the boys finally became British citizens and after 4 months in Kiev, we are finally on our way to pick up our lives again with our new little additions! First stop – UK to meet family and friends while we wait for their American visas. 

Everything happened quickly! We received notice that Max & Alex’s British passports arrived at the passport centre in Kiev Thursday night. It had been 10 weeks since we made our initial passport application. Friday morning Vinny ran to the centre to get them and what a great feeling to hold those treasured little books in our hands! We immediately booked our flights to London for Saturday morning and then tackled the huge mountain of packing. It’s crazy how much stuff little babies can collect! I was an exhausting task but it was definitely a joyous one! My hubby was amazing. He left me the best job of entertaining the cutest babies in the world, while he tried to fit 10 thousand kilos of stuff into two 23 kg bags! Ok, of course it wasn’t 10 thousand kilos of stuff. I don’t actually know how many kilos it ended up to be, but we had 7 huge bags, each of which was massively overweight, which caused an even bigger confusion for the check-in clerk at the airport and steam to come out of the ears of the French couple who waited for an hour behind Vinny in the queue while the clerk figured out how to handle this luggage situation!

After a not so VIP experience with our agency in Kiev, we still dared to book the VIP experience at Boryspil airport and I am happy to report that it was indeed a VIP experience I would recommend! For around 200 USD for the family, we had a separate entrance when we arrived at the airport, a personal scanning machine for luggage at both the entrance and before passport control (we didn’t have to take out our laptops, liquids or take off our shoes – what a pleasure!), an awesome agent that carried all our bags for us from the moment we got there, access to a private family room where we were offered food and drinks as well as a shower in the sparkling bathroom, our own private passport control, a team of lovely, smiling and service-orientated people and a full escort by the agent who carried our hand luggage right up to the doors of the plane – this is extremely helpful when travelling (for the first time) with twins and no stroller. It was also very helpful when we almost missed the flight due to delays caused by our overstaying in Ukraine. We needed to pay a fine of 850 UAH each for staying for 4 months instead of the permitted 3 months and the processing of this took quite a bit of time, so running to board our plane would have been far more difficult if we didn’t have someone carrying our bags! I’m not going to lie, we were s*%^ting ourselves, sweating rivers of anxiety at the thought of delaying our departure any further but the boys were having a fab time looking around, eyes big and alight with curiosity and wonder.  

*** For those following in our Kiev footsteps, do yourself a favour and invest in this service. If you’re staying for a few months and have loads of extra luggage, the bag wrapping that comes included in this service is also worth the Dollars for this service to give you that peace of mind! *** Here’s a link https://kbp.aero/en/infra/vip

And then we were on the plane, taxing down the runway, and finally in the air with our miracle babies one giant step closer to home! I can’t even describe how happy we were! Max sat on Vinny’s lap chirping away at the people in their row behind me (we discovered that for safety reasons, infants from the same family sitting on laps are not permitted to sit next to each other) and Alex slept all the way on my lap – he didn’t even wake up and cry when the pressure bore down on the ears. What little stars we have. We were so proud of them. They were model jet setting babies – which is a good thing, as we have a fair bit of travelling planned over the next year! Thank you to my friends reading this for the baby travel tips :).

I have so much more to tell you about our week, but anyone with twin babies knows that a stolen 10 minutes here and there is all the time us parents have, so long blog posts are going to have to wait until they go to school in a few years. For now, anything outside of twin duty is in bite size chunks, but don’t worry, I will fill you in on all our antics as and when I can :).

Right now we are waiting for their American visas to be processed and issued and then we will be on our way home to Florida. We simply cannot wait!!!!!!

A few things to mention for my fellow Ukraine surrogacy parents to be…


Dr Sam Medical Network is the THE place to register to ensure that your babies as well as yourselves if need be, have top medical treatment at affordable prices. When I say, top medical treatment, I mean that I had the best medical treatment that I have had anywhere ever! The staff are all very attentive and treat you like a genuine person, taking their time to really see to your needs. They go above and beyond by working after hours and being on call in case you are in distress. I can’t recommend them enough! I am so sad that I cannot take my pediatrician with us to Florida as I doubt that we will find anyone as wonderful and caring as he is – a totally amazing person and doctor!! Dr Sam’s also has an awesome American chiropractor 🙂

For translation services, I can recommend a fantastic lady . She is a real sweetheart and again, she went over and above to help me at the drop of a hat when I needed urgent translating. She translated verbally in person for me, written reports and on the telephone when I was trying to explain to a shop assistant what I needed! I don’t want to post her number all over the internet, so please contact me directly if you would like to get in touch with her and I will give your her details.

Personal Uber assistance from a great English Speaking Uber Driver. I have the contact details of a super gentleman who lived in American for many years and has offered to help wherever needed with his uber. Great conversation and navigation which makes for a pleasant trip for short or longer distance.

Also, for those of you on Facebook, there is a brilliant support group for those travelling to Ukraine for surrogacy. It is a closed group filled with so much info that you don’t need to go anywhere else. If you would like the details for this group, then please pop me an email or a whatsapp and I will send them to you. The admins will ask you questions before allowing you in. You will need to have a genuine Facebook profile and please accept my sincere apologies but only heterosexual married couples will be accepted due to the legal surrogacy laws in Ukraine. There is all sorts of info on Kiev as well as various clinics so this is really the place to be if you are genuinely interested in pursuing this route to parenthood.

*** It’s no secret that I have been very unhappy with the way our agency have treated us since arriving in Kiev, but for those who are already with them, I do feel that I need to do a shoutout to the junior staff who have been excellent – Anna, Oksana and Svetlana. These ladies put in a lot of hard work and really go out of their way to be helpful and take a personal interest in their clients’ journey – so a big thank you to them. For those with the agency, if you ever find yourself in frustrating situations because the more experienced senior staff haven’t returned your 10th message, then contact one of these ladies and I am sure they will try their best to sort it out for you – the company has real gems in these three ladies! ***

I would love to write more, but this little bit is already taking three days so I will sign off until my next update which will be all about our time in the UK, so watch out for it!

Love to you all from B, Vinny, Alexei & Maximus xxx

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A Kiev Christmas in November – The Twins’ Second Photo ShootFeatured

Hey Friends!

While everyone is waiting for news on our passports and subsequent departure from Kiev, here’s a little sneak preview of our oh so cute Christmas photos!

On Thursday, we went to Goroshynka Studio for a morning of fun for the whole family! Living outside of the city centre, where the roads are virtually impossible to navigate with one baby stroller let alone a double stroller, we are very much confined to our apartment and unless one of the lovely ladies or couples from my Ukraine surrogacy community pop in to visit, we don’t get to see any people and are in danger of going completely crazy with cabin fever! It’s extremely lonely and boring for all of us, even for the babies! We are on the edge of craziness from people and outing deprivation in our weird little world, shut off from life in general, so any little outing is a great adventure for us!

 But this was not just a little outing. This outing was make-up, dress up and a lot of laughs with a gorgeous collection of keepsake photos created by the most talented Vita Sovetova of Sovetoff.photo. Vita is an amazing person, the babies absolutely love her and she is an awesome photographer. For those who are coming to Kiev for your surrogacy babies, I highly recommend booking her services for your newborn photo shoot. Newborn photo shoots are usually done within the first two weeks of birth, so if if you are staying longer than that with your babes, then you will miss out on a newborn photo collection if you wait until you leave Kiev – and what a wonderful keepsake to have. But please make sure you book her in advance as she gets really busy!

The day started very wet, cold, windy – and late! The Uber got rather lost on his way to pick us up (a common occurrence), so the lovely make-up artist had to work at extra speed to create something decent out of my drowned rat look! Goroshynka studio is one of the largest and impressive in Kiev and it was busy. The boys were so excited to meet new people and they screeched in delight and were full of smiles for everyone. Max enjoyed being the centre of attention as he practiced his tummy time on the studio bed posing like a super star for the camera. Both boys did great and were so good through the costume changes and all the maneuvering of their little bodies this way and that until they both fell asleep in our arms exhausted!

As it’s not even December yet, we don’t want to share all the pics from the shoot, but here’s a few to make you smile and ‘ahhhhhhh’.

More of the photos will be revealed in December! 🙂

Speak soon!

B xxx

p.s. keep crossing fingers and toes that we will get our passports any day now!!

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Our Final UK Passport Interview in Kiev is DoneFeatured

Hey Friends!

Loads of you have been asking how much longer we will be in Kiev, when we will be home and when they can meet our precious boys! So, here is just a very quick update on how that is going…

We have now been in Kiev for 16 weeks, our boys are 14 weeks old and Monday will be 8 weeks since our boys’ initial passport application (unfortunately due to delays on the part of our agency with obtaining the birth certificates, translations and apostilles, a good 6 weeks have been wasted). The good news is that Vinny attended our final passport application yesterday and we could be leaving here one of these days – finally!Continue reading

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Vinny & Bianca’s first 10 Days with their newborn sons!Featured


My name is Candice Schwegmann. I am 31-year-old, wife, entrepreneur, and mom to 2 amazing boys. I whole heartedly believe that you are the master of your own destiny and hold the key to your success.

I have recently had the privilege of meeting this phenomenal family and joining them on this journey.

Bianca has allowed me to share on their behalf some highlights of their last few weeks. So, sit, grab some coffee, definitely some tissues and happy reading: –

  • Monday 17 July- was Vinny’s birthday and they were hoping that the boys would share his birthday. Their surrogate let them know that she was having contractions. After trying to translate her words into something that made sense in English, they came to the conclusion that she had Braxton hicks (pre-labor contractions). They tried to do some sightseeing in Kiev but couldn’t focus.


  • Tuesday 18 July- they tried unsuccessfully to busy themselves while they waited for the news that would change their whole lives. Bianca wishes she could say that they were calm and peaceful but they couldn’t stop themselves from checking if their surrogate was ok and if she needed anything and mostly how long she thought it would be until delivery. She had said all was good and not to worry, that babies would definitely be here that week.


  • Wednesday 19 July-more watching and waiting and making sure that they didn’t miss a message. They harassed their surrogate some more to find out how she was and whether they could do anything more to help. At 9.30pm that night they received a long awaited WhatsApp message from their coordinator to say that their surrogate was in labor and they needed to be on standby. To say They felt a mixture of emotions ranging from excitement to fear and nail biting nerves, is, to put it mildly. Yaryna their clinic co-ordinator who understood just how important it was for Bianca to be at the birth, kept vigil with them, ensuring that they did not miss the call from the nurses. However, no call came that night. Their nerves must have been shattered and even all the way back in sunny South Africa a certain person could have been seen pacing the floors.

Continue reading

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My Surrogacy Story…Featured

UPDATE:  Our beautiful boys, Maximus Vincent Smith and Alexei Felix Smith were born 20 July 2017 in perfect health and with fantastic weights!

They were fully developed and we only spent 4 days in the hospital – no NICU, we all stayed together in a room just for observation.


At time of writing (10 May 2017) ,our surrogate is currently 28 weeks pregnant with our twin boys. If all goes according to plan, they will be born around 7 August 2017.

This is the closest that my husband and I have come to getting our dream family and holding our babies in our arms.

First, a little background on my surrogacy discoveries …

In April 2016, our 8th round of IVF produced another negative pregnancy test and we decided that my body has had enough of being pumped with drugs that don’t seem to be working. After months of careful consideration, we decided that we were ready to explore creating our family through the gift of surrogacy.Continue reading

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For the Brits doing Overseas Surrogacy – First Step in Our Parental Order Application

Hi Guys,

This is just a quick update on where we are at with our legal proceedings and paperwork – specifically for British Nationals doing Surrogacy in Ukraine (or overseas in general):

  1. Complete and sign the C51 Court Form and have it translated for the surrogate and notarised
  2. Section 54 of the A101 Form – which is the Agreement to the Making of a Parental Order – which cannot be signed by the surrogate less than 6 weeks before the birth of your baby – this must also be translated and notarised
  3. Copy of each child’s birth certificate and translation
  4. Copy of our marriage certificate
  • This took about a few weeks for Biotexcom to obtain for us and then they kindly assisted in sending the document pack by express mail to the Central Family Court in London at the following address:

First Avenue House

42-49 High Holburn



  • 5 days later, the hubby called the High Court to confirm that they had received our application pack and to give card payment over the phone – which was £235 in total.

Now we wait for the court to get back to us and official serve our surrogate. Will update as we know more…

For further info on the parental order process visit this page


That’s it for now folks

B xxx

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Our Boys’ British Passport Applications are in! Countdown to leaving Kiev…

Hi Friends!

Can you believe our twin boys are 7 weeks old already on Thursday?!

We are loving them more than ever! Every day is a new adventure which brings new laughs, smiles and total wonder. It’s crazy how much they change and grow daily! They now weigh over four and a half kilos, cry real tears, are trying to play with some of their toys and growing out most of their clothes!

We are still in a state of exhaustion but it’s improving now that the boys are on a 4-hour feeding schedule rather than 3 hours.

So yesterday we made application for our boys’ British passports. Many of you have been asking whether they will get Ukranian citizenship as they were born in Ukraine. There aren’t that many countries in which people get citizenship simply by virtue of being born in that country – citizenship is usually passed down by the parents and Ukraine is the same. Our boys are British citizens and therefore need to await their British passports before being able to exit Ukraine. Unfortunately for us, this process takes around 10 weeks for a first time British passport and 16 weeks for a first British passport issued to children born via surrogacy. This is a UK (NOT Ukraine) law. After checking the calendar yesterday, I discovered that 16 weeks exactly takes us to Christmas Day!!!Continue reading

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One Week Down in Kiev, Ukraine (about 16 weeks to go) – with new updates


This is what has happened since writing the original post:

Biotexcom sent another cleaner around late Monday afternoon. When we got back home she had done an excellent job with the kitchen – it was sparkling clean! Unfortunately the state of this place requires either a full day with one person cleaning or a cleaning crew, so she did not manage to get to the other rooms in the apartment due to time restrictions. She was a really nice lady and her English was good. I would be happy to have her around again. Vinny and I have cleaned ours and the babies room but there are no cleaning products for the bathroom. We have let Biotexcom know this and waiting for a definite response as to when they will arrange further cleaning services.

They have sent us a WhatsApp and email apology – no phone call.

My husband has sent them an email with his concerns as well as suggestions on how to improve things and a request to meet with them in person to discuss further. They have noted these and will consider taking most of them on board.

Here are some clips from his email and their answers:Continue reading

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Day 2 in Kiev, Ukraine – Prepping for our Surrogate Twin Boys

Sunday 9 July 2017


Today started with a healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt. It could easily be 3 cooked meals a day prepared by our housekeeper, but that would be dangerous! So instead we went for the light fare and then mapped out our route to find all the baby shops in the area. Soon armed with the phone’s GPS for comfort, we set off full of adventurous spirits.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with just the right temperature for shorts and a summery T. Not far from our apartment, we walked through a gorgeously green park with pathways, children’s play area and a little skyway obstacle course of zip lines and rope bridges. There are a number of parks connected via pedestrian tunnels and this is where we saw something that neither of us had seen before – a young (little) lady pushed a baby stroller down these sleeper type contraptions with the wheels balancing on either side. Once through the tunnel, she reversed herself and her stroller up the sleepers again! After this we noticed these everywhere around the city. Quite an ingenious idea, but I’m not so sure if I would trust myself not to go tumbling and crumbling into a heap at the bottom, babies and all! Hubby says I’m just going to have to practice – good to know he has so much faith in my balancing abilities!Continue reading

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